☻ Selected project for the 11th Macau Design Biennial

The objective of my MA’s last project was to design a journal as an yearbook. I decided to make something different, so I collected all the history of messages between the Master students on Facebook.

Gathering links, images, songs, videos and files, I made this journal as an Index of everything that happened during the year. Using QR Codes and Hexadecimal language, it also shows statistics of the most used words, number of messages, characters and even how many laughters were typed.
To keep it safe for everybody, all the students’ and teachers’ names were cryptographed with glyphs chosen for each one, and images showing faces were pixelated or converted into ASCII.

452 pages printed on 100g/m2 paper. Cover made of reflective paper and white fabric.
Acetate jacket with laser printing.

In the pages’ edge, a scroll bar follows the whole conversation, becoming a flip animation.

graphic design
Lucas Blat

Simple (Norm, 2002)

hexadecimal Wiggle
Caio Fernandes

ASCII texts and images

Ana & Carvalho Encadernações