☻ selected for the Macau Design Award 2023
☻ silver award in the Editorial Design Category on the Latin American Design Awards 2023

Considered the greatest Chinese writer of the 20th century, Lu Xun (1881-1936) stood out above all for his short stories, gathered here in A Madman's Diary– Complete Tales of Lu Xun, which comprises the three collections of short stories published by the author: The scream, Hesitation and Old stories retold.

In them is an ironic and deeply critical author of the traditions of his country, as well as a panel of strong inks of Chinese culture, its routine and its myths. The stories were translated by Beatriz Henriques, Cesar Matiusso, Marcelo Medeiros, Marina Silva and Pedro Cabral, with coordination and technical review by Ho Yeh Chia, professor of Chinese language and literature at the Department of Oriental Letters at the University of São Paulo, who also signs the afterword. The book also has numerous footnotes that elucidate historical and cultural aspects of China.
Signed by Lucas Blat and Túlio Cerquize, the graphic design of this edition is bound in hardcover with serigraphy and two-color interior. The idea was to make reference to the Chinese works traditionally printed until the beginning of the 20th century: the cover has a vertical configuration, with black and red text lines interspersed, like the serials of the time. In addition, the use of Kraft paper alludes to the rusticity with which books were produced in imperial China.

Photo: Nino Andrés / Carambaia