Guided by the stimulus of recovering the Sephardic memory and identity, the Municipality of Bragança holds two fundamental spaces for its cultural life: the Memorial and Documentation Centre – Bragança Sephardi and the Centre for the Interpretation of the Sephardi Culture in Northeastern Trás-os-Montes, both located at Rua Abílio Beça, in the Historical Centre of Bragança.

The Memorial – Bragança Sephardi takes a mixed approach – material and virtual. The interior space and the light refer to the memory.
The visitor is hosted in a synagogue, being didactically shown the religious dimension. The woman’s place, the rites and celebrations have consecrated space on the remaining floors, always seeking to understand the dimension of Sephardi life and historical evolution of its presence, in the city of Bragança. Alongside, at this building , is located an archive of memory(ies), and an on line documentation centre, that serves as support to the research and reflection around the Sephardi culture.

Bragança, Portugal, 2017

Mural of the urban morphology of the Historic Center – Jewish Bragança, by Susana Milão and Eurico Salgado

Concept and Architecture
Susana Milão and Eurico Salgado

Graphic design and museography
Lucas Blat and Bianca Benedicto

Lucas Menezes