Structure. Racism, sexism, colonialism, classism, ageism, neoliberalism, developmentalism. These and other "isms" existing in our society are structures, that is, complex systems that produce inequality, that divide, hierarchize. They are interconnected and legitimize a single way of life, based on the logic of exploitation, consumption and disposal - of people and natural resources.

Is there a solution? Dialogue, as opposed to authoritarianism, seems to be one of the best words, the possible way. It is not by chance that the current polarized scenario is so lacking. It seems impossible to dialogue with those who think differently. But how are we dialoguing with those who think similarly? It seems inconceivable that anyone who fights social inequality will come to grips with gender violence. Or that the LGBTQI + person may have racist attitudes. Or that the environmentalist is sexist. But the structures are complex, and in practice, an active search is necessary to stop perpetuating each of these aggressions. Articulating utopias is about seeking common bases of action.

Articulating Utopias is a live event run by Sesc Piracicaba, which aims to bring voices from different social movements and seek solutions for common goals.

Based on protest banners, the shapes feature the flags and colors of the social movements discussed at each stage of the event, creating different promotional materials.

animated posters

graphic and motion design Lucas Blat
sound design Leandro Canhete