The International Exhibition of Black Cinema is in its fifteenth consecutive annual edition. It is a project of socio-cultural inclusion of African descent youth, which has found in the cinema an element of discussion of the ethnic-racial relations of Africanity. It was then considered the perception of verticality in the imaginary hegemony of the authoritative euro-hetero-male and its euro-heteronormativity, which sought to reify the manifestations foreign to the values of eurocolonization. This line of understanding pointed to the need to construct the positive affirmation image of the peoples of cultures, such as; Iberian, Asian, African and Amerindian. 

These matrices formed the horizontality of the image of the Ibero-Asio-Afro-Amerindian, which was located as a minority in relation to the Eurocaucasian power. Thus black cinema became minority cinema. For it was in its pedagogical dimension that the different, denied, taught society as it is and how it should be treated. The event therefore chose the theme, entitled: “Tropicalism as a possible unit of the Lusophony of democratic horizontality”, showing an identity of ontological struggle against Eurocolonization.

The catalog was printed with 3 spot colors, on Polen Bold 90g/m2 and Offset 90g/m2 paper. The cover was printed on Offset 300g/m2 paper.

Client Sesc Vila Mariana
Graphic Design Lucas Blat